Monday, June 22, 2009

David Eddings Owes me 18.95$

Oh, David Eddings, how The Belgariad and The Malloreon entertained me and fed the ever growing fire that is my love for fantasy! They contained a cast of characters that inspired laughter, love, tears, and sorrow. They broadened the fantasy genre with ten new and inpired novel and then added three more related texts. Oh, how I loved thee David Eddings.
My love for Mr. Eddings has, as love for an author is want to do, led me to purchase and read several more of his novels. The Redemption of Althalus was a let down, I'll admit, but after another avid fantasy reader from Thiel suggested I read The Elenium series, I figured I owed Eddings another chance. After all, The Elenium was supposed to be another sweeping epic tale of high fantasy, and who can say no to that?
Well, as most of you are family and friends of mine I feel obligated to tell you to tell David Eddings, and Barnes and Noble, to suck it. Say no. Running screaming from the store. Spill piles of Jane Austin and Harliquin novel into the aisles to slow down the the weak and feeble. Don't be ashamed to hurtle those large coffee table books like frisbees. And I think I heard Obama say that if you knocked over a display or two of political commentary, you'd actually be helping defeat terrorism and defending America.
The Elenium is what comes out of good writers when they look over their successful novels, shrug their shoulders, and nap until their dead line. I hate to ruin a storyline or an ending, but if you've read The Belgariad and The Malloreon you've already spoiled some of the suprises. Things like, oh I don't know, the plot, character development, thematic progression, and that ever unimportant and meaningless thing called the ending are all going to seem like a badly recolected retelling of Eddings earlier works.
I don't usually bash a book this badly. I just feel cheated. I though the publishers were being nice when they put all three books into one handy omnibus. I happily paid the 18.95 even though all I had wanted to spend was 7.95. And now I am annoyed. I could have spent my 18.95 to buy The Belgariad. Now I own a poorly repoduced copy of it that's missing a couple hundred pages and doesn't even manage to get one single name right. Oh, and did I mention that Eddings uses the Roman Catholic Church, with a little magic and a little less technology thrown in, as a back drop for all of it!
David Eddings, you owe me 18.95! Or The Belgariad.
But David Eddings very sadly left this world in June of this year. That means that Barnes and Noble owes me 18.95 and I'm pretty sure I have a better chance of resurrecting Eddings that I do of getting my money from those people.
Ah well. One more book for my collection. This is why I am the Intrepid Bibliophile. I am not afraid of mixing my masterpieces and my trash.

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  1. I am now a public follower, so you can stop telling me I'm not a follower. I am, OK. You are just relentless :)

    I warned you about Eddings. Some kids have to learn their lessons the hard way. Certain writers have one good story to tell. Good writers tell it once. Sad writers tell it over and over again. Sometimes Orson Scott Card is a sad writer.

    The thing to take away from Eddings' death is that he can never again lure you into spending your precious money on a regurgitated retelling of his one story. Rest in Peace Mr. Eddings.