Sunday, June 21, 2009

In the beginning, there was a cold

Blogging has never really held much appeal for me. However, when you plan on leaving the country for a year your family tends to make certain requests. This blog is an example of my willingness to please the powers that be.
So, the process of arranging my visa has stalled on my background check. You should be pleased to note that my sex offender check has come in and I am cleared to work with children. Passing the sex offender check should not really come as much of a surprise. Last time I checked, I have never been arrested and I have certainly never been charged with a sexual crime. Hurray for clean living and a healthy desire to avoid incarceration!
This week will hold for me the wonderful prospect of calling the background check people and demanding answers. My demands will probably take the form of polite questioning and, if necessary, some groveling and whining because I really am not in a position to demand anything of these people. I will also be facing the lovely truth of being an uninsured and out of work college graduate with what seems to be bronchitis. It all started with a cold...thanks little one for soaking up all the lovely germs of all the lovely four and five year old's and bringing them home to share.
Other than that I am committed to packing my life into boxes and trying not to cry over the thought of all my books all alone in those boxes, being all unloved, for a whole year.

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