Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm not going to talk 'bout it

We all, as reasonable people, understand that anyone who works for any government probably doesn't really care about the people they are supposed to, ya know, serve. We also know that they probably aren't going to answer their phones. So, that being said, I'm not going to talk about it anymore. I'm going to try real hard not to think about it because it makes me want to cry in frustration.

Everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to work out and when it does I'll let ya know all about it.

What I am going to talk about is blogging.

Up until my mom strong armed me into starting this blog, I didn't care at all about blogging. I knew what it was. I knew people did it. I knew other people read blogs. I just didn't care. I kind of lumped blogging and reading strangers blogs into the same category as watching E or reading tabloids. Lots of people care about what people they don't know do, and there are venues that cater to that need. I just never really cared enough about anyone I didn't know to make use of those venues.

But then I started blogging. I thought, "Self, if you are going to write a blog you should probably read a few and see what this whole thing is all about. After all, I don't want this to end up like my brief encounter with chat rooms (shudder) Best if I look into what else is out there before I let this get out of hand."

So I looked into the blogs the people who follow my blog follow. And good god, I found a new addiction.

I read the thoughts and day to day stories of people I have never met. I find myself checking my dashboard before I even check my email. I feel like a voyeur peering into peoples mental dialogue and then creeping away to roll those brief moments of satisfaction around in my own head, impatiently waiting until the next time they step close enough to the window for me to peek.

I know that everyone else who blogs knows that strangers might read it. They, like me, are ok with other people reading their thoughts. If they weren't, they wouldn't blog. And so, I should not feel any guilt or weirdness reading the blogs of those I don't know.

It still kinda creeps me out.

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  1. Suggesting you start a blog is not strong arming.