Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New York, New York

If you have to get up at 3 in the morning you'd think you'd get some sleep the night before. Some part of my brain missed that message and kept me up until sometime after 1. To top it off, they let you into Pittsburgh airport at 4:30, but no one turns on the coffee pot.

The flight to NYC went well. I didn't even have a person in the seat next to me so I had lots of room to spread out and enjoy the god awefull hour of the morning. Despite my sleepyness I couldn't sleep on the plane. Which is probably for the best since I'm not sure I could have woken up.

Getting from the airport to the hotel went smoothly. I was even able to check into my room at 8am. I had hoped for a nap at this point in the plan, but the inevitable need to make a million phone calls and sort out the little imperfections in the plan kept me up. Again, this was probably a good thing.

Sometime around 11 I made the decision to trust my street smarts and head to Manhatten via public transportation. I figured that with only one bus and one subway ride it couldn't go to terrbly wrong. I made it to the Consulate, but I ended up missing my bus stop and had to rely on the kindness of two gay men.

After filling out my paperwork I had a couple hours to kill. My wonderful little conspired with my mom to have books waiting for me at a Barnes and Noble near the Consul. In keeping with the vibe of the rest of the trip, they had the books but they were on the wrong shelf. SO, lots of blocks later, one 6$ pair of socks, and a couple of blister spotted ouchy feet later, I found myself bookless and back at the Consul for the interview.

For all the hype surrounding this interview, it wasn't all that exciting. She just wanted to know what I knew about Korea, why I wanted to teach, did I have teaching experiance. The most interesting part was watching her look sadly at her phones blinking light every couple of seconds. She never wanted to give in and answer the phone, you could tell by the weary way she lifted herself from the chair, but answer it she did. In the end, interrupting phone calls and all, she approved my VISA. I get to go pick it and my books up tomorrow.

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  1. Your Little is great - love love love her! See, not all conspiracies are bad?