Thursday, July 23, 2009

Staying Positive

Sooooo, Korea approved my VISA. However, I need the New York Consul to approve it and stamp my passport. This seems like a fairly easy thing to do. After all, South Korea gave me the thumbs up to come on over and teach some children English. But nothing is easy.

The NYC office won't allow me to do my interview over the phone or web cam. I HAVE to go to NYC. Ya know, cause that's just like running up the street. On top of that, getting their office on the phone is not an easy task. They tell you to call at such and such a time, and then don't answer. I left them a message and, hopefully, I can find out how long the interview and approval process takes tomorrow.

What happens next depends on what the Consul says. It seems likely that I will drive to NYC with my Dad, do the interview, and if they approve it, get on a plane to South Korea. If things don't work out this way...well, I'll just figure that out when I get there.

On a positive note, my laptop came today! It was supposed to be here Monday, but shipping errors abound and so it came today. In an unaccustomed act of kindness, the universe made my computer blue! With bubbles and sparkly keys! Does it really matter what the thing looks like? Of course not, but it is nice that it ended up being awesome.

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