Tuesday, July 28, 2009


And so it all begins to fall into place.

I fly to NYC tomorrow at 5:45 (yes am. And yes it is a terrible, terrible time to be going anywhere, let alone New York) I have my interview with the Consul at 3pm and hopefully the woman remembers who I am this time.

As for when I'm flying to Korea...well that's supposed to happen sometime Thursday evening. I haven't heard from my guy in Korea about the details, but I trust he will take care of that and let me know.

They are all on vacation over there in Korea. I feel kinda bad about making them do work when they should be relaxing, but there's not much I can do about it. I figure I'll pay Jer back by taking him out for a drink when I get there. Buying someone a drink makes up for all sorts of sins, right?

On a more personal note, I took the pirate home yesterday. It seems crazy that I won't see him for a year. We haven't spent more than a month apart since we met, let alone started dating. I hope I remember how to function without his constant humor brightening my day. I'll just have to try and fill the void with lots of Guild Wars and small children I can't understand. I somehow doubt it'll work.

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