Sunday, August 2, 2009

The quiet city

How did this clutter get here so fast?

Korean money is super easy to understand. You just pretend that the first three zeros aren't there and it's basically in dollars then.

The corner store on my block sells this for like 1.50$ and it's like three shots of wonderful espresso.

This is Green Tea Soy Milk. It is a gross as it sounds. Every time I think about it I kinda want to throw up. I think I'll just stick with chocolate from now on.

So, my first day in Korea was crazy. Lisa, a Canadian teacher whose about to start her second year here, spent the day showing me around. I owe this girl a million! She helped me get my subway pass set up, showed me where the grocery store was, and helped me get to know the neighborhood. She also spent like five hours running around to a million stores looking for a three prong adapter for my computer. We finally found it, thank god.

So, in Korea pretty much all the buildings have walkways through them. Everyone uses these walkways to get from one street to another. They also don't cross big streets above ground. Everyone goes down into the subway and crosses there. All the foot traffic means that all of these walk ways are full of people selling stuff. There are stalls for everything from cell phones to produce. It's really cool. I bought my indoor shoes for work from a woman in my subway stop.

I've got to say, I really enjoy that everyone takes off their shoes when they go into a home. You don't take them off when you go to a store or restaurant, but homes and places like my school make you take off your street shoes at the door. I got myself a pair of red flip flops for my school shoes.

So, today is my first day of work. It's nice because it's only a half day and the kids are still on vacation. Tomorrow the kids come back. Before school I get to go and have my health insurance physical. Hurray for health insurance. After that all the teachers are getting together for brunch. I love how all the teachers hang out. After school Lisa and I, and I think another teacher, are going to the post office. I'll put up more tonight.

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