Monday, November 23, 2009

Long Overdue

So, let's see, a blog entry...
There are many things of interest here in Korea:

1. My Thailand vacation is cancelled. Instead I will be spending December 27-30 in the sunny, though not so breezy, overly warm, hospital three subways stops up. I have a fatty, harmless tumor on my shin. I figure I should probably get it out while I'm here and it's mostly affordable. Hey, at least I get to sleep a lot in my PJ's and take pain medication. See, there is a silver lining.

2. It's getting cold here. It's snowed once or twice, but it doesn't stick.

3. My phone cord is slowly becoming hopelessly tangled. I knew, I damned well knew, I should have spent the extra 20,000 won and got the cordless phone.

4. I rocked Christmas shopping and wrapping. I, however, have failed at the labeling and shipping of said Christmas presents. Maybe if I keep forgetting them I'll just open them myself on Christmas and pretend I'm back at home and people like me enough to buy me things.

5. I'm an old person. I go to bed early, and I don't really like to do much on school nights. When did this happen?

6. I started doing hot yoga. I hang out in a room full of really skinny, and flexible, Koreans and let a tiny woman who doesn't speak English kick my ass for an hour and a half. I turn seven shades of red, and the Korean women look like they're ready to go out. I also experience a strange sense of victory when the old Korean ladies can't do a pose, and I rock it.

7. Sometimes I make myself a really elaborate, wonderful dinner. Then, after I've eaten it and gone back for seconds, I feel a bit guilty. I feel like maybe I should have invited someone over to share it. I don't feel too guilty though. I certainly don't feel guilty enough not to make myself nice dinners. Screw everyone else, if I don't share then all the yummy goodness is all for me:)

I know there are other things I should put in here, but I'm slowly slipping into my post dinner food coma and the Shawshank Redemption is on.