Monday, November 23, 2009

Long Overdue

So, let's see, a blog entry...
There are many things of interest here in Korea:

1. My Thailand vacation is cancelled. Instead I will be spending December 27-30 in the sunny, though not so breezy, overly warm, hospital three subways stops up. I have a fatty, harmless tumor on my shin. I figure I should probably get it out while I'm here and it's mostly affordable. Hey, at least I get to sleep a lot in my PJ's and take pain medication. See, there is a silver lining.

2. It's getting cold here. It's snowed once or twice, but it doesn't stick.

3. My phone cord is slowly becoming hopelessly tangled. I knew, I damned well knew, I should have spent the extra 20,000 won and got the cordless phone.

4. I rocked Christmas shopping and wrapping. I, however, have failed at the labeling and shipping of said Christmas presents. Maybe if I keep forgetting them I'll just open them myself on Christmas and pretend I'm back at home and people like me enough to buy me things.

5. I'm an old person. I go to bed early, and I don't really like to do much on school nights. When did this happen?

6. I started doing hot yoga. I hang out in a room full of really skinny, and flexible, Koreans and let a tiny woman who doesn't speak English kick my ass for an hour and a half. I turn seven shades of red, and the Korean women look like they're ready to go out. I also experience a strange sense of victory when the old Korean ladies can't do a pose, and I rock it.

7. Sometimes I make myself a really elaborate, wonderful dinner. Then, after I've eaten it and gone back for seconds, I feel a bit guilty. I feel like maybe I should have invited someone over to share it. I don't feel too guilty though. I certainly don't feel guilty enough not to make myself nice dinners. Screw everyone else, if I don't share then all the yummy goodness is all for me:)

I know there are other things I should put in here, but I'm slowly slipping into my post dinner food coma and the Shawshank Redemption is on.


  1. 1. I was sooooooooper excited to see an update!!

    2. When did the fatty tumor happen? What is Korea doing to you?! I hope it all goes well. Will they do local anesthesia or put you under all the way?

    3. You can totally keep the cold to yourself. It has been surprisingly and pleasantly mild here.

    4. You know damned well that you don't have to pretend that people like you enough to buy you christmas presents!

    5. Is hot yoga something like yoga in a sauna? What is this hotness about? Either way, yoga is awesome and I'm glad you are enjoying it!

    6. Don't feel guilty for not eating what you worked hard to earn and make! Eat and be merry!

    7. I really like lists, too!

  2. The tumor this showed up a couple of months ago. I ignored it for awhile cause I just assumed it was a big bug bite.
    And yes, hot yoga is kind of like yoga in a sauna.