Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Edition

"How's Korea?"

Well, let's see:

My boss decided at the last minute that our school should have a Christmas themed open class on Christmas Eve. Of course the expectations were unclear, and of course everything is being done last minute, and by last minute I mean last night. Oh, and in typical Korean fashion expectations for both the children and the teachers is all kinds of out of whack.

Can you get two sets of 11 six year old to write three complete sentences and draw amazing pictures? Oh, and every kid needs three different sentences so that there is no repetition? Oh! and what they did the first time isn't good enough so drop your lesson, ya know the one that gets them ready for the open class in three days, and do the whole thing again.

That was the beginning of my week. Merry f-ing Christmas to me. AND I got yelled at in front of six year olds for not knowing how my manager wanted the writing samples changed. THEN I got told two days later by the same woman that I'm not allowed to say I don't know how to make a worksheet using Power Point in Korean.

Right, and last time I checked Christmas and it's eve don't really move around a lot. That means, at least to me, that if you have an event every year on Christmas Eve then you can plan the shit out of it way in advance, right? So the fact that my boss got the ball rolling on this planning last week should give you an idea of the kind of woman I'm working for.

So how is Korea...

Well, I work for frustrating people. BUT on a positive note, I keep getting Christmas packages from America! Hurray!!!!!! I love getting mail here and all the Christmas love has helped me get through the school drama. I'm also spending Christmas Eve and Christmas day with two of my friends and that should be all kinds of a good time. OH, and I've heard rumor that you can get on your laptop and use the Internet in hospitals here. SO, sweet Guild Wars and Skype while I'm chillin for my surgery.

So Merry Christmas all.

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  1. Merry Christmas! Did you get my package yet? When do you go in for your surgery and how long are you supposed to stay for? I wish you well! I hope things calm down at work. At least you get some time off to recover :0)