Friday, June 25, 2010

I suck

I pretty much suck. I came home from Korea, ohhhhh about four months ago and I've just now got around to a blog entry. I suck.

I have been doing other stuff while I wasn't writing my blog. I came home from Korea and that was fourteen hours of trying not to fall asleep so that I could trick my body into not having jet lag. It mostly worked. Hurray for me. Shortly after arriving home I moved to Oakland with the boy and a couple of friends. Aside from standing at the sink once a week and cursing my roommates as I search for the bottom of the sink, it's going pretty well.

I spent the first two months or so after getting home looking for a "real" job. After no one, and I mean zero of the hundred or so places I applied to, called me back I started to get pretty discouraged. Then I watch a silly movie about a cook and I thought, "Self, you've always ALWAYS wanted to be a pastry chef. You love to bake. You love to read. You already got a degree in one of those things. Screw it, let's get a degree in the other." The lack of response from jobs, and the chef who had a seizure outside my house and promised me a place in his kitchen, kind of convinced me that the universe kinda-sorta was telling me that a kitchen was were it wanted me to go. Who am I to argue with the universe when it sends me a seizing chef?

So I got a job waiting tables, and I started looking at culinary schools. Holy crap, culinary school can be expensive. After the second program jumped the going rate for a two year degree from $32,000 to $52,000, I decided I would start looking into community college. WAY better idea.

Let's see. I bought an '86 Honda Civic for a big 'ol $500 bucks. Yep, my first car is the epitome of crappy first car, but I love it. It gets great gas mileage and if I floor it it'll accelerate up a hill....kinda.

I'm also back to teaching Koreans English. I'm teaching three adults this time though, and I'm enjoying the lack of crying, sticky hands, and classroom bullies.

I have a lot of stories and reflections on America VS Korea, but right now I think I'm going to go and enjoy the nice night on my porch.

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