Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Summer of Stress

Remember that Honda I told you about last post? Well the Honda's dead baby. The Honda is dead.

Because moving home from Korea, deciding to go back to school at the last possible minute, and getting a job weren't stressful enough the Universe decided to heap a little more on my plate.

I was driving home from work, stopped at a red light, the light turned green, I went, and wham. Next thing I know my seat belts locked, and I'm facing the wrong way in the middle of an intersection while the contents of my purse settled into strange new homes all over my car.

The woman who hit me said I ran the red light. I said she did. The cops sent us both home and told us to let the insurance sort it out. The "sorting out" as been one huge headache from the moment I called the insurance the next morning.

The Honda, being 24 years old and what you might call "a piece of crap" was immediately pronounced dead. After a week of car sales men, I bought an '07 Ford Focus. The Focus has power steering and air conditioning! I feel so spoiled now.

While this is all going on, I wrapped up my teaching job and have been trying to find a new apartment. Our current lease ends... oh...this weekend.

Don't get me wrong, we looked for apartments. But there are three of us, and we have different priorities, and terrible luck. So it took us until last week to finally find two places that would work for us.

The apartment that we preferred is owned my an old, incompetent, sexist man. He didn't run our credit checks and then said he couldn't give us an answer until next week. We need to be out Sunday. You can see how this posses a problem. When I called him and told him we really wanted to live there, and was there anything we could work out, he told me no and hung up on me. I feel bad for whoever ends up renting that place.

Now we get to live in Dormont, I have a new car, school is lined up, and the only thing left on my stress check list is to find an apprenticeship...
and buy books...
and move...
and pay bills...
and reduce my ecological footprint...
and contribute more to society....
and be more diligent about reading the newspaper :)

Being an adult is so much fun.

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