Monday, March 14, 2011

The Dream

I dreamed...

I stood alone on a beach. Above me the sky churned with thunder and rolled with pitch black, rain laden clouds. Lightning flashed and lit the beach like day and showed me waves. The waves towered over me and pounded their fury on the sand. The sounds of their crashing filled my ears and salt was all I could taste. I looked on the sea and knew terror.

A voice said, but not aloud, "The time for fear has passed."

I looked on the sea again and saw the hand of nature. I saw the moving of the Earth. I knew the sea had been crashing since before my parents parents had been born, and would continue after my children's children had passed from this world.

I heard the words of the Prophet," Even as he is for your growth so he is for your pruning."

I saw the hand of the moon in the tides and knew that if there is waxing, so there must be waning. If there is a time of fullness, so there must be a time of the sickle and full darkness.

Then I heard the words of the Bene Gesserit, "Fear is the mind killer."

I knew fear then to be the bodies desire for life, but I also saw it could be the minds aversion of change. I knew I did not wish to stagnate.

I heard a voice sing, "Leave all your loving behind."

I knew then that love could compliment, but it could not complete. While the soul can be enriched in love, it can not be made whole. Wholeness must be accomplished solely or love is shallow and but a shadow.

All the while my mind had been listening, my hands had been busy removing first my shoes, then my shirt and pants, and though I stood naked before the wind and the waves I was not cold. And though I stood alone upon the beach I knew not loneliness.

I raised my head and dove wide eyed into the heart of the rushing waves.

When I awoke, my fear was gone.

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