Friday, April 8, 2011

Nevermind the Weather

Do you ever have one of those those days that runs completely contrary? A day when stress, anxiety, planning, to do lists, life should have pummeled you into a corner, and yet you feel like you could take on the world? A day when you stare down the barrel of life's shot gun, and laugh? A day where everyone you meet had a big bowl of "life sucks" for breakfast, but it only makes you smile wider?

That's the kind of day I am having. Gray PA weather should be getting me down. Laundry lists of things to do should be stressing me out. Navigating the minefield of family/personal life should be reducing me to tears. Job uncertainty should have me biting my nails to the quick.

Instead? Instead I've had a great morning. My front tooth, chipped two weeks ago while running down a very steep hill, is now whole. I can no longer spit through clenched teeth, but I guess you can't have it all. My car, which has been slowly circling the drain, is now all fixed, and things seem to be headed, generally, in the right direction.

All the worry, anxiety, doubt, stress, and its sources are still there. This morning though, this morning I finally feel like I can handle it. So bring it Universe, I'm ready for you.

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