Monday, January 16, 2012

I think I like green

Working from home has seriously limited my ability to meet new people. Thanks to the wonders of the internet I spend most of the day IMing a small handful of people who are also glued to their computers 9 to 5, but there are days where the only words I say out loud are to the dog.

I love working from home. I love the flexibility, the lack of incompetent co-workers, the ability to pee whenever I want but sometimes I find myself planning the dogs outings so that I am magically outside when the mailwoman walks up. And though the mailwoman is a lovely lady, those five minute conversations about the weather just weren't cutting it.

I knew I needed some way to meet other living, breathing, human beings but I didn't want to do anything rash and make a big commitment. Joining a gym seemed an expensive way for me to be too sweaty and self-conscious to talk to anyone. Going to a coffee house seemed like a good way for me to gain weight drinking over priced coffee. I'm not super into outdoors things, and besides it's winter, so those sort of things were out. I settled on a beginners crochet class.

Crochet seemed to be right up my alley. I like crafty things, especially if they can be done while watching crime dramas, the class was cheap, and a onetime thing. I figured if the two hour class was unbearably painful, at least I wouldn't be on the hook for anymore than the one. But I had never crocheted a damned thing in my life, and my manual dexterity is sub-par at the best of times. I didn't want to be the ass-hat who held up the class because they couldn't make their fingers grasp the concept of hold string A while also holding string B while pulling string C through loop D. A quick Google later, I found a good beginner crochet video and then spent an hour teaching my finger to manage all those strings and loops.

Then I spent the weekend practicing, and eventually made this poorly constructed hat and scarf.

Which left me in the position of being the ass-hat in the beginner class who already knew everything. I'm a jerk.

So this morning I packed my yarn and insecurities into the car and headed to my class 100% sure I was going to regret this decision. Being a hermits not so bad, right? I get to the class, plaster a smile on my face, and walk into an empty room. The class was cancelled and the store manager was appalled no one called to tell me. I got a refund and a coupon and I'm home in time to catch the mailwoman.

At least I got this nifty basket of yarn and a new hobby out of the ordeal.

I think I may like green. Just a bit.

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  1. very fun! I am still working on an afghan I am crocheting for Sam that I started like a year and a half ago. I think i need a few more ounces of determination, but you are right. It is a fun hobby!