Monday, July 2, 2012

Need a Notebook? Make Your Own!

My first foray into book making! I like to hide post it notes with quotes on them for Josh to find, and he was sticking them around a mirror in the office. When the post its threatened to become an impromptu wallpaper I decided it was time to do something with them. It seemed as good a time as any to finally give book making a go. This first experiment has some pretty serious structural issues, but it serves its purpose as a note holder. 

My second book is much sturdier, and benefited from more forethought.  There were still issues with the binding though, and after a two hour struggle to correct them (complete with much swearing, one beer, and two episodes of Buffy) I finally managed to bend it to my will.

The third book is the most structurally sound of the lot and, not surprisingly, took the least amount of time to put together. Every project is a lesson, however, and this one taught me that the glitter embossed papers crack and fray when forced over the edges. Which is a shame because I think the glitter makes the cover, but clearly these papers can't be used to wrap the covers of future notebooks. 
There are so many different techniques for book binding, and the one I used for these three is super easy. In the interest of creating a more "finished" looking notebook in the future, I think I will try my hand a some of the more complicated techniques. Who knows when that will be, though, since each book is a pretty serious time commitment.